Google Shopping Data Feed Services

Google Shopping data feed is simply information about the products that you are going to sell and formatted in a way that Google Product Listing can understand. The Google Shopping Product Feed contains various products images, title, description, and product attributes. That is a really arduous task for each business to manage accordingly Google Ads Shopping Feed engines.

Our Google Shopping Data Feed management services involve comparison of products, product identification, pricing, generating Google Shopping Product Feed, uploading and optimizing according to the search engine. For instance, you have to study different search engine specification and change your Google Product Listing data feed in the same way.

At EcoWebSolution we are providing our services to save your time and money and dramatically increase in your sale. In addition, we also offer our services at reasonable rates that are much economically. We will also make sure that you are updating your Google Product Listing data feed on a regular basis for different shopping engines.

Why Google Shopping data feed is important?

  • For the right search results
  • Earn per clicks
  • To maintain optimization management services

In this perspective, as you know Google Shopping data feed is simply information about the products that you are going to sell and formatted in a way that Google Shopping Listing can also has similarities to SEO. So, you require to establish the different elements of your feed that Google Ads Shopping Feed can easily understand and make sense of it.

Google Shopping Product Feed Elements

Product Title:
Your title requires being appropriate and descriptive than according to Google SEO. However, your product title is a vital element of your feed. Furthermore, which type of keywords you want to show up you should use these keywords in the title.

Unique Internal code:
You can also use manufacturer product number and Google trade identification number. That can also be fruitful in your business sale.

Product Description:
The product description is crucially important for your Google Shopping data feed. As Google plays a vital role to read the product than description and defined keywords for search engine queries.

To illustrate, an attractive image capture the attention of the audience the same way the price of a product also effective in making someone clicks.

Shipping Cost:
It will be better to set up rules shipping cost in the merchant center than to fill the area for each product. In this way, you can also set up free shipping, flat rate data feed.


  • Visible in a thumbnail
  • white background
  • No text, watermarks, or logos
  • Compelling

Apparel Categories:

  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Size
  • Color
  • Size type
  • Size system
  • Manufacturer name
  • Stock details

Shopping Feed Optimization
Our SEO experts can optimize your products feeds for all the leading comparison than Feed for Google Shopping Shopify engines. We implement a proper formatting rule to make sure that your products are updated on the search engines.

  • Optimization of title, descriptions, and other product attributes
  • Increase product by analyzing your data feed according to price, brand, and category
  • Enhance product visibility thumbnail
  • Give the best search engine rankings
  • Highlight all details than like free shipping and other promotion services

Product Categorization
Google Shopping data feed engines have various product platforms. We will also optimize a list of our client products into proper subcategories to asap allow visitors in searching what they are looking for.

So contact us today, to improve product performance, conversion rate, customer experience, and complete reach.

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