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Offshore Staff Leasing Services EcoWebSolution offers which is a service delivery model. It entails a contractual connection between the subscribing firm (client) and a professional employer organization (provider). It refers to a contract according to which the provider is permitte to be. The co-employer of the business’ employees, advances the recruitment of employees as well as all personnel-related managerial activities, which include HR, and the administration of benefits programs.

The client will be able to select having a specific purpose in his mind. Interview who he will prefer to hire. Our professional hire offshore staff would like to work full-time on average 192 hours per month, 6 days per week on an agreed schedule between both of the parties. They may also continue their work on any holiday schedule which will be planne. In advance before a written contract has been made by them.

Hire offshore staff

Clients are given an Operations Supervisor which will be beneficial for them to manage the staff in our office so that a record of their attendance, KPI’s and metrics are maintained. A client will also help control the account to make sure that maximum output is produce and to help suggest you the ways to avail more advantages of outsourcing to extend your business.

With the help of our financial leasing services solution, the clients take responsibility for the daily operations management of the staff are suppose to share any reports and get access with EcoWebSolution so our operation supervisors get to know about your satisfaction level regarding the maximum production capacity. The operations supervisor is basically a shared resource which will manage up to 30 staff simultaneously. As your team starts growing with us, you may also hire your own supervisor or manager which depends on your teams’ size.

Why Should You Hire Our Offshore staff leasing services?

Cost Savings of up to 70%

You will get 70% discount on all operational labor costs if you prefer offshore staff financial leasing services. Moreover, you will not need to worry about workstations, office space costs, hiring your own admin staff, HR or managers and other extraordinary expenditures.

Operational Flexibility

We give you a guarantee along with operational flexibility and peace of mind as well. If you want to grow your business but don’t have great finance, we offer several different types of agreements which will highly support your business without giving any burden of heavy penalties like other companies. You can hire full time, part-time, or seasonal staff according to your needs

Get Skilled Talent Pool

There is a great talent pool of skilled labor in Pakistan where the total population is around 197 million people and almost 42 million in the labor force. The English language has much significance in schools, and business. Clients will face no difficulty in communicating with their staff here at EcoWebSolution.

24/7 Operations

When you decide to make us your partner, you can run 24/7 operations with your business. We are here to operate several different shifts to accommodate all time zones.

Our Offshore Staff Leasing Plans

Full-Time staff leasing company

Our professional staff works for your company on a full-time basis but the minimum contract term must be of one year. It is the best for the companies. Who want to promote their current team, or for companies who are looking to hire full-time staff for the long term.

Seasonal Staff

Staff members can also work for your company on a seasonal basis as you want. The minimum contract length will be of 3-6 months. It is good for the companies who are looking to extend their business during their peak seasons.

How Experienced Will My Offshore staff leasing services Be?

We have our staff, divided into different levels of skills and experiences. The levels range from level 1 (entry level) to level 5 which is a managerial designation. Costs will change according to the variation of different factors like Shift (timezone), job role or years of work experience. Let’s have a quick review at them below:

Level 1 (0-2 years) – Level 1 staff refers to the entry-level staff having 0-2 years of work experience. The staff includes college graduates who are assigning multiple tasks to make sure they have the capability to do the job they have applied for.

Level 2 (3-4 years) – Level 2 staff refers to the mid-level staff having 3-4 years of work experience. The staff got enough work experience to make them eligible for supervision.

Level 3 (5+ years) – Level 3 staff refers to the higher level staff having 5+ years of work experience. They are capable to work alone and can handle almost any task you assign to them.

Level 4, Supervisor (5+ years) – Level 4 staff refers to the staff having 5 years of work experience who can supervise a team of 20-30 people simultaneously. We highly recommend you to hire this staff if you want to handle a team.

Level 5, Manager (10+ years)  – Level 5 staff refers to the managerial staff having 10+ years of work experience. This staff can handle a team of 40 people or more than that.

What’s the hire offshore staff Process to Get started?

You can hire the staff by following the steps given below:

  1. First, all you need to do is to contact us so we get to know about your requirements.
  2. You will have to fill out a Job Description form so that we can select the best candidate for you according to your requirements.
  3. Afterward, we will have a quick look up in our organization to check whether we have anyone available who is the best for the job. If we succeed in the selection. We will also forward them staff leasing services to you for an interview. But if we don’t have anyone qualified for the job. We will recruit for the job role. Then a new candidate will be hired for your company.
  4. The staff will be trained within 1 month and your company would be assigned an on-boarding supervisor.
  5. Afterward, the staff will be forwarded to you to start his job. Besides, we will also provide some support services so that you get more focused on your core operations and extend your business.


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